We have just published a Youth Strength and Conditioning Book/Paperback Program on Amazon – the book works as both a program with detailed instructions and program cards for each training session and a logbook with log pages to track your progress.

First things first:

  • Strength Training does NOT stunt growth
  • Adolescents can and should be lifting weights
  • The stressors of running, jumping, throwing and many sporting actions are often far higher than lifting weights in a controlled manner
  • Lifting weights will greatly reduce the risk of injuries during daily and sporting activities
  • Lifting weights will benefit an adolescent’s physical, mental and social wellbeing and will help to build a more disciplined, motivated and well-rounded individual

The program is designed to develop the Strength and Conditioning of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 16-years-old.

Although there can be disparity between the physical development and maturity of adolescents between the age range of 12-16, this program has been tried and tested across the different age and ability levels and consistently produces brilliant results – the program has been used with complete novices and world-class youth athletes.

The program works through 4x 3-week phases:

  1. Familiarization: This phase acts as a preload (ease the body into the program), working with moderate volume (how much) and low intensity (how hard). The aim is to develop technique and build familiarity with the fundamental movements.
  2. Accumulation: This phase increases the volume while keeping intensity low. The aim is to build muscular endurance and an aerobic base (aerobic capacity) – exercise complexity increases.
  3. Intensification: This phase reduces volume while increasing the intensity. The aim is to build muscular strength, aerobic power and anaerobic power and capacity.
  4. Realization: This phase reduces volume and increases intensity further. The aim is to build max strength, speed and power.

The initial familiarization phase works on fundamentals and therefore, can be repeated numerous times if necessary.

The program works off 2 Strength Sessions and 2 Conditioning Sessions per week. You can choose to perform all 4 training sessions or any training split that suits you: 2 Strength Only / 2 Conditioning Only / 1 Strength + 1 Conditioning, etc.

You can grab a copy of Amazon by clicking the image below:


Coach Curtis

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