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At Strength and Conditioning Course, we certify personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches.

We also provide online courses for anyone who has a love for fitness and wants to go from enthusiast to expert.

Our courses are written by Coach Curtis (Jay), an ex-army physical training instructor, bestselling author and owner of a highly successful strength and conditioning gym in the UK.

Jay realised early on that many seemingly average individuals were actually part-time Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Ultra-Athletes, and these people wanted expertise.

It was clear to Jay that many fitness professionals were not equipped to make a real impact on the fitness industry. Therefore, he decided to run industry qualifications. For Jay, it was a matter of personal pride to ensure students received the highest standard of training – this stemmed back to his days training infantry recruits and ensuring they were ready to deploy on operations.

It was surprising to Jay that more than 50% of the students he was certifying had no intension of getting into the fitness industry. Instead they were keen for a challenge and even keener to learn. This resulted in Jay starting Strength and Conditioning Course with his business partner Coach Carter (Shaun).

The SCC Academy now has a team of highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches (tutors), and our sole goal is to provide you with expertise!


Most frequent questions and answers

Strength and conditioning is the physical development of competitive athletes.

As a strength and conditioning coach, your job is to design and deliver training that elicits the greatest performance.

This skillset is not only essential for elite level sport, but also grassroot players and hobbyists who want succeed in sporting and fitness events.

If you are considering our courses, you are probably a highly motivated individual who is incredibly passionate about fitness. Therefore, you want and expect the best.

We have this in mind when we develop and run our courses. For us, it is a matter of pride and we are committed to going the extra mile.

If you have any questions at all about our courses, drop us an email.

Online Courses: Upon release, click the button below the course and it will direct you to our online learning platform.

From there, you can easily enrol onto any of the courses and start studying straight away.

Active IQ Certifications: Drop us an email from the contact us page and request an intro pack.

Being an expert is an ongoing project. Therefore, we are passionate about providing you with new content.

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