What is Strength? The ability to move heavy objects from A to B? Yes, of course, but is that all?


For me, strength is defined in so many more ways. While the aforementioned implement movements are the fascia and commercial definition of strength, it has a multitude of applications and alternate meanings.

Let us say it is resilience, willpower. It is about your impregnability, your desire to come back after defeat, the will to win, the mental strength to get out of bed when all is lost. The definition of strength is ‘A State of Being Strong’ vague in terms of its philosophical content really but self-explanatory, nevertheless. Impregnability ‘The power of resisting attack’ this does not mean from the onslaught of an opposing army or attacker down a dark alley, this is the ability to fend off life issues or plague, famine, evil human doings, protecting your family from the dark parts of life, circumstances, political tyranny, bullies, and even financial hardship.

But looking back to strength in the ability to move heavy objects, this is by far the most recognised definition of the word, take strongmen. For example, I myself compete in the sport of strongman, and for me, it is the alpha male moving big, more awkward objects and moving it faster, better, and further than the next man. The accolade is ‘I am the stronger man.’ This has been the case for centuries, not just since Bill Kazmaier or Geoff Capes was competing but dating back to Achilles, Hercules, George, who slew the Dragon. People want to see the strongest of men do battle in lifting logs and moving big heavy atlas stones from one place to another, which in turn literally takes a lot more than physical strength to do.

Mental strength plays its role, and a very important role too, it gives you the mental strength to power through that plateau, lift that stone whilst your body is battered and bleeding, the inner strength you need to do this is something of different proportions, without that you would shy away and give in. So being able to unlock your inner strength is just as important as that power in your legs, back, and arms.

Strength also gives you confidence, if you know you are strong physically or mentally then you know you can handle what is put in front of you, this doesn’t necessarily mean you become better or more efficient, only practice and perfecting can do that but this just disposes of the fear of facing that particular task or problem you may encounter, this, in turn, changes the situation, the possibilities and effectively calms down the situation, prevents the stress of daily life that you as an individual endure and lets you prevail and gives you opportunity.

Stability in every situation in life is always a positive thing, and that accompanied with the strength in all aspects of life, whether that be moving your car off your drive or just having the strength to get out of bed to get in that car to go to work is the real strength, we see it every single day with every single human being, fighting illness and powering through or standing up to that bully who has used his strength for negativity, it takes more than standing up and acting like a tool because let’s face it that is actually a cowardly act and just a projection of that person’s instability in life or their insecurities. ‘He who is not strong makes the wrong life choices.

But what about the person who is being bullied, is that not strength too? That is another example of impregnability, and that strong man/woman is just simply doing what needs to be done right. Even when asking for mercy, which is not an act of strength, it does, however, show that he/she can understand mercy and has a noble way of life to understand mercy, making them strong to be able to show mercy. But at the same time, you need to be able to stand your ground whether it be against this bully or for your moral and intellectual rights, your political standing, or whether you eat meat or religion, I read an article relating to inner strength regarding Websters, and it said ‘having strength means having the ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.  Now think about that for a moment.

In this day and age… so enlightened and politically correct, almost nobody is willing to take a stand or actually stand for anything.  We are so concerned about being tolerant that we tolerate almost anything.

It’s a rare person anymore who maintains their own ethics and their own sense of morality, and it takes strength to do that, real strength’.

This is very powerful and defines my point almost to a tee and gives us real-life examples of strength being on a completely different level to just a mere man lifting heavy weight. Although strength isn’t something you build in a week, it takes 10 years of consistently doing the same thing, the same lifts over and over again, a gradual process, on-point nutrition, recovery, education, drive, and determination. It’s not just about 3 days splits for 6 months to become aesthetically pleasing. It takes hard graft and desire to be what you want to be.

Think about it for a short while and try to understand what your physical and inner strengths are and use them to your advantage.


I myself am a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer with the goal of helping for the greater good. I constantly strive to become a better version of myself and give my opinion and advice to anybody with a similar mindset where we can educate each other.

I have my own monthly blog and website, which I the home of all things Neil Basley, and if you want to know more then please head on over to or to follow me on social media.

Anybody can achieve greatness. The river cuts through a rock not cause of its power but because of its persistence, so when you feel like you are not getting anywhere. Stay focused and drive on because every rep is the chance to get better, every set is the chance to push harder, every session is the chance to grow, and every day is the chance to gain experience, but the journey must start with you, you must #WinFromWithin.


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