I have just published a Strength and Conditioning Program for Boxers on Amazon.

The program is designed to develop the strength and conditioning of boxers and to ensure fighters are not just training hard but also smart.

Those who have stepped into the ring know what it means to be “Fighting-Fit” and understand the work that is needed to achieve a win. However, it is not just about annihilating your body; it is about taking an educated approach to getting strong and into a level of conditioning that will allow you to perform at your best.

A physically stronger fighter will wear out a weaker fighter, and good conditioning will allow for more quality work to be done – how many times have you seen a fighter dominate the early rounds before “gassing” and losing the fight in the later rounds?

This program will make you stronger and more powerful without negatively impacting your weight and will get you into peak physical fitness without causing excessive fatigue that will negatively impact your boxing sessions. The program has been optimized over a decade of working with dozens of amateur and professional fighters and will help any fighter to achieve a much greater level of success.

The benefits of this Paperback Program:

  • This Paperback Program includes both detailed Program Cards and Logbook pages to track your training and results. This unique design maximizes focus and helps to ensure you get the most out of your training – using your phone is a HUGE distraction!
  • The program has been designed by a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach that knows the sport of boxing inside out.
  • The program has been tried and tested for over a decade within our gym in the UK.
  • The program uses a specific testing battery at weeks 3 and 12 to ensure performance goals are met.
  • The program is packed with useful information about the sport of boxing and physical training as a whole.
  • Within the booklet, you gain access to over 600-pages of FREE content, including our 308-page Mobility & Flexibility eBook.
  • We have video tutorials for all the exercises performed in the program.

If you are a boxer or a coach that works with boxers, you need a copy of this program. At the very least, you will learn how to optimize the results of your fighters.

You can grab a copy of the program by clicking HERE


Jason Curtis

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